Nieuwe Aarde


Nieuwe Aarde is a strategy game developed by Mandible Games. Play it here!

I approached the developer (who was creating games on a monthly basis) about creating music for a couple of his more popular games. Together we chose Nieuwe Aarde as the second of two games that would get a music treatment.

Nieuwe Aarde has two major phases of gameplay, the first in which the player constructs towns, boats, and other things that generate resources in preparation for the second phase of monster attacks, which happen after a certain number of turns.

To match these two distinct phases of gameplay, I composed two different layers for the theme. The first was the base theme (which you can hear for the first minute of the track), and the second was a harsher layer that could be dynamically added and subtracted from the base theme to coincide with monster attacks (which you can hear at about the one minute mark).

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