Kingly Speed Run 2013


Written for team “The Disaster Muffins”‘s entry into the 2013 Indie Speed Run. Play it here!

Kingly Speed Run 2013 is a game I created in 48 hours with Daniel Fairley, Andrea Gerstmann, and Derek Potier for the Indie Speed Run 2013 game jam.

Our team’s theme was “retreat”, and our element was “a green triangle”. We chose to create an infinite runner style game where the main character, the king of the Triangle Verde Kingdom, is retreating from a frightening dragon, and will do anything to slow it down (including throwing lesser peasants in its way).

My role in the team included programming, music, and sound. The game was created in Unity. The music was created in Renoise, while all sound effects (including voices, footsteps, fire breath, etc.) were recorded by me using Audacity. All art/visuals in the game were created by Andrea Gerstmann.

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